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The power of the words... that free me !

12,95 $

The power of the words... that free me !

12,95 $Disponible

Description du livre

It is said that words are the mirror of the heart and that they also reflect my thoughts. If I want my language to be filled with Freedom, Wisdom and Love, there are certain words or at least a certain form of language that I must use.

Jacques Martel has acquired a great expertise in this area through his many communications with the public since 1998, as much in Quebec as in Europe. In this book, which he intends as a practical tool, he shares with us several keys to help us make the messages we want to transmit more easily understood by others at the level of the heart. He gives me the knowledge of certain words related to spiritual principles, which I can integrate into my ordinary language with my family, my friends, my work relationships and when I address myself to a public. The result is a more effective and a truer communication.

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